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Superior Eye Care and Stylish Eyewear at Midwest Eye Associates

Midwest Eye Associates is differentiated from other eye care practices for two very distinct reasons:

1. As an independent practice, with 4 locations, we pride ourselves on being able to highly personalize our services and care that our patients receive.

2. We are much more than just an eye care clinic. With three distinct areas of service: comprehensive general eye care, advanced eye care services. Our optical boutique we are able to offer full eyewear service. As such, our clinic boasts some of the most advanced vision services, technology and eyewear. Midwest Eye Associates is the destination for things such as dry eye treatment, neuro optometry, concussion rehabilitation, scleral lenses for irregular shaped eyes to list but a few.

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4 Reasons Patients Trust Us
& Keep Coming Back

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We are great at pairing face shapes to frame shapes. We curate our collections to carry unique, and high stylish brands. Lots to chose from, come in and have a look!

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We are prepared to answer questions and give superior advice that is tailor made to your health and lifestyle. When you ask a question, we like to keep it personal.

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Make all your decisions well informed—we will explain and we listen. Dr. Byergo wants you to feel comfortable, & that you are getting the personal eye care you deserve.

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We provide comprehensive eye exams and take pride in our high-tech equipment that allows us to evaluate your eye health precisely and accurately. Book an your yearly eye exam!

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4 Main Areas Of Service

Neurolenses For Visual Comfort

While traditional prism lenses improve visual comfort, they only address misalignment at a single distance. In contrast, the contoured prisms offered by neurolenses® address misalignment at all distances by offering a smooth, gradual progression of prism power throughout the lens.

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Understanding Neurolenses: Your Solution to Headaches and Eye Strain

Discover the innovative solution of neurolenses for addressing headaches and eye strain related to eye misalignment. Learn how these specialized lenses can improve...

Seeing is Believing: The Incredible Advancements of Smart Contact Lenses

With the ability to detect potential health issues and provide timely alerts, smart contact lenses offer a smarter approach to disease prevention and...

Feast Your Eyes: Unveiling the Power of Nutrition in Eye Health

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining healthy eyes by providing essential nutrients that support optimal vision.
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