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Pediatric Eye Care in St Louis

Kids EyeCare

Despite normal variations between kids and their senses, all children take in their world through their eyes and are visual learners to some extent. This is why Midwest Eye Associates believes that thorough eye examinations for kids are critical to learning and development, and encourages parents to be very serious about having regular eye exams for their children.

baby 20in 20shadesChildren should receive eye exams around 1, 3 and 5 years of age. The first exam is to ensure the eyes’ normal development. At age 3, it is easier to determine a child’s true prescription because they can verbalize thoughts about their eyes and vision. And, most importantly, an eye exam before entering school is critical to the learning process. Children need good vision to learn properly. Without good sight, you may find your child will fall behind in school despite his/her best efforts. Dr. Seth Bachelier adds, “Kids don’t always tell their parents when they have trouble seeing. Sometimes kids are not even aware they don’t have good vision until they get a thorough eye exam. This is why exams at all the proper times are important even if your child never complains of vision problems.”

Pediatric exams are also important for detecting conditions that can easily be treated in childhood, but may become more complicated if not detected and treated at an early stage. The eyes and the brain work together very closely and, similar to muscles in our body, a child’s brain can be strengthened and conditioned. So, if a visual problem or deficit exists, such as in conditions like strabismus or amblyopia, recognizing and treating it in a timely manner is crucial to developing normal vision in adulthood. We can also learn a lot about patients’ overall health beyond the eyes through a comprehensive eye exam, and children are no different. When visual problems are revealed in adolescence, it can often shed light on other important health issues.

Midwest Eye Associates is also a proud participate in the InfantSee program. Dr. Bachelier is very excited about this program and it’s ability to help his community, stating, “InfantSee is a fantastic program! It offers one comprehensive eye exam free of charge to children less than 1 year of age. This is an important health initiative recognized by the state of Missouri and plenty of other states. The earlier a child’s vision is evaluated, the better the prognosis for normal vision later in life.”


COVID-19 Update

We want to update you on our plan of action related to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Based on the recommendation from the CDC, we are suspending all routine eye care until they advise otherwise. However, we will be available for urgent and emergent care as needed (ie, eye infections, injuries or sudden onset vision loss or change).

All patients with scheduled visits will be contacted by our staff to reschedule. In order to help the schedule management run smoothly, we ask that you wait to be contacted by our team for rescheduling. We don’t know how long this suspension will last, as the current state of COVID-19 is evolving daily.

For those affected by this schedule suspension, if you are without glasses or contacts, we will work with you individually to keep you supplied with prescriptions. If you need pharmacy prescriptions refilled, please let us know as well.

**Further, for our contact lens patients, we recommend you consider discontinuing contact lens wear if you exhibit flu-like or respiratory illness symptoms, as the eye surface and tears can be a source of exposure and spread to others.**

In addition, we will be available for glasses and contact lens pick up by appointment. Please call the office when you arrive, and a staff member will deliver your purchase directly to your vehicle. On a limited basis, we will provide glasses repairs and adjustments.

We ask that all patients who exhibit flu-like or respiratory illness symptoms, or have had a fever in the last two weeks to refrain from visiting the office until you are symptom-free for two weeks. If you have traveled internationally or to CA, WA or NY in the last 30 days again we ask that you refrain from visiting the office for two weeks.

If an in-person visit proves necessary, we ask that only the patient come into the office unless personal assistance is required. All guests will be asked to remain in your vehicle. One parent or guardian may accompany a minor patient.

In the midst of this uncertainty, we ask for your understanding of these limitations as the health and well being of our team, patients and community is of the utmost importance.

Be well and stay healthy.