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Do You Suffer From Dry Eyes?

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What is Dry Eye?

It is a condition that can include many symptoms that cause discomfort, impair vision and limit your ability to go about your daily life including:

  • Dryness
  • Itching
  • Burning/Stinging
  • Watery Eyes
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Feeling Like Something is in your Eye
  • Sandy or Gritty Feeling
  • Blurred Vision
  • Difficulty Seeing at Night
  • Discomfort Wearing Contact Lenses

Don’t Let Dry Eyes Get in Your Way of Life!

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Our Dry Eye Specialists Can Help!

Our optometrist specializes in diagnosing and treating chronic dry eye syndrome. We will assess your condition to determine the cause of your dry eyes and then find the best solution to relieve your symptoms and restore comfort to your precious eyes.

Based on your condition and the possible causes, our treatment may involve one of the following courses of action:

  • Finding the right brand and formulation of artificial tears or prescription eye drops.
  • Prescribing Steroid Eye Drops, Antibiotics or Lubricant Inserts.
  • Inserting Punctal Plugs—to plug the tear drainage ducts and keep the tear film intact on the surface of eye.
  • Warm compress therapy and meibomian gland expression, an in-office procedure that opens blocked meibomian glands which produce essential oils to lubricate the eyes.
  • Medication adjustments.
  • Adjusting your contact lens prescription or reducing wear during treatment.

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Schedule Your Dry Eye Appointment
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Have you been wearing contact lenses comfortably for years, but now your eyes feel dry, scratchy and irritated?

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"Burning Eyes” is often associated with either dry eye syndrome, an allergic reaction, blepharitis, or even pink eye.

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Tears are a blend of water, oils, and mucus that help smooth the surface of our eyes, prevent infections and soothe the skin.

Introducing True Tear

True Tear is a drug-free, drop free option for the treatment of dry eye, that temporarily increases natural tear production using a process called ‘neurostimulation’.

The way it works is this. The device sends tiny pulses of energy into your nose, that naturally stimulate tears.

The True Tear device has been proven effective in stimulating tears in patients suffering from dry eye.

Contact Midwest Eye Associates today in order to find out more about True Tear.

The Time Has Come To Get Relief For Your Dry Eyes

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Seeing is Vital to the Quality of your Life

Eyes are important indicators of overall health, and comprehensive eye care goes beyond a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

At Midwest Eye Associates, we take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Our optometrists provide the expert care, advice, options, and follow up you need whether you are a new patient or an existing one.

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While a number of causes can be to blame, the two most common reasons for eye irritation are dry eye syndrome and eye allergies.

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Although the condition is rarer in kids, it is just as painful and irritating for our younger patients.