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The Kowa Digital Fundus Camera

The Kowa Digital Fundus CameraThe Kowa Digital Fundus Camera is an amazing tool used to keep track of any abnormalities in the back of the eye. This camera takes pictures of the back of the eye, focusing on the optic nerve, the macula and the blood vessels in the back of the eye. These are the most important structures when assessing the health inside the eye.

Patients typically do not need to be dilated in order to take the photos which is a plus. This technology can help monitor changes and guide treatment options for patients with glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes as well as many other conditions. T

The Kowa Fundus Camera has two fixation modes that provide up to 9 fixation positions, The “Mosaic mode” provides 9 fixation points for a panorama image covering a retinal area of approximately 85 degrees. When using the “Normal mode” three positions are selectable Central, Disc and Macula.

The ability to magnify, zoom, filter colors, crop and enlarge images, enhance contrast and rotate images makes managing eye diseases more simple and effective.

These photos are offered to every patient at Midwest Eye Associates and in many cases are covered by insurance, especially when following abnormalities.