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The Fitting Box App

iPad App That Brings Interactivity to Eyeglass Shopping Experience

Midwest Eye Associates in St. Peters has a reputation for great patient service, has just upped the ante when it comes to patient-centered care, with the introduction of the state of the art Fitting Box App, which they employ on an in-office iPad to give their patients more information and selection when choosing their eyeglass frames.
The Fitting Box is a combination of 3 different programs, which can be accessed through a single iPad, an ophthalmic lens tutorial, a styling assistant and a virtual mirror. Explaining the benefit of each feature briefly, Dr. Brad Borello, of Midwest Eye Associates says, “These 3 features are incredibly useful to help the patient understand all aspects of our recommendations to them as far as lens options, and other similarly important considerations go. It also helps them decide their own personal preferences in terms of the style of frames they choose. The lens tutorial helps us illustrate how certain lenses, such as progressives or bi-focals will look on the patient, as well as how the patient will see the world through them. I can also help us illustrate advantages and disadvantages of different lens options. The styling assistant provides the patient the ability to see how different styles will look on them, and will also provide recommendations based on face shape, complexion and other considerations. The patient is able to try on even styles that are not in-office, but which we can order if they like them. The virtual mirror allows the patient to take a picture of themselves in their virtual glasses and post the picture online for others to see and offer their opinion. These 3 services allow the patient to truly have an endless selection and make an informed decision concerning what they want and can expect from their glasses frames and lenses.”
Patients are also very happy to have the new technology in office, and have been providing the practice with a great deal of personal feedback. Dr. Borello comments, “Our patients understand to stay competitive and provide the best experience possible we need to embrace new technologies whenever they present themselves. The styling assistant created several opportunities to show patients with high prescriptions how they look in specific frames when in the past those same patients complained they could not see well enough to make an educated decision on a particular frame.”
For more information about this and other innovative technologies at Midwest Eye Associates, contact Dr. Borello and his associates today!