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M’eyeFit Digital Measuring System

M’eyeFit is an extremely accurate personalized way to fit glasses. It takes several digital images with specialty frames that give precise measurements to ensure comfort and quality vision with your new spectacles. It is primarily designed to help with the latest digital progressive lenses, or no-line bifocals because it is important to make sure the reading power is added in the correct place on the lenses. It also measures distance between the pupils, the fitting height, the tilt on the frames and distance the lenses sit from the eyes. All of these variables can affect the quality of vision and ultimately patient satisfaction with glasses. The M’eyeFit can be used to measure single vision and other bifocal measurements as well as take pictures to show people how they look in potential frames. It is integrated with our lab so that all the measurements remain accurate throughout the process. The M’eyeFit is a fantastic tool to personalize frames and maximize your vision and they are used in all 4 Midwest Eye Associates locations.


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